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Abundant Seeds is at the core of the Abundant Produce group.

Abundant Produce is Australia’s only ASX listed (ABT) hybrid plant breeder, dedicated to transforming Australia’s world class agri-science research into commercially valuable intellectual property.

In a unique collaboration between two of Australia’s senior research institutions, the University of Sydney and UNSW, Abundant Produce takes advantage of new research in molecular biology, plant pathology, agronomy and chemistry to create new vegetable species for food growers across the globe, and botanically active extracts for the booming cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

Visit abundantproduce.com for more about the group, investor information and media.

Visit abundantnaturalhealth.com for more about the way we harnesses the power of nature and science to produce skin and body care products containing scientifically proven, pure, active botanicals and minerals.

But we’re plant breeders and scientists first and foremost. Read more about our breeding program here, and about our collaboration with Sydney University’s world renowned Plant Breeding Institute here.

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