Plant Breeding Institute

Cobbitty in Western Sydney, is the location the University of Sydney chose for its world renowned $50 million Plant Breeding Institute, including plant physiology labs recently developed at a cost of $25 million.

The university has a long history of helping Australian farmers deal with harsh local conditions, and has conducted research on the rust of wheat continuously since 1920. The Plant Breeding Institute was established in 1953 and moved to its current site in 1989, opening new research laboratories in 1991.

In a uniquely close university/commercial collaboration which allows Abundant Seeds to leverage scientific research, expertise and resources built up over many decades, Abundant has constructed nearly 5,000 square metres of microprocessor controlled greenhouses on the Plant Breeding Institute site and shares staff and laboratories with the institute.

The relationship has been reciprocal with Abundant contributing to a critical mass of vegetable plant science activity at University of Sydney, which in turn has been used in student recruitment and staff development.

What this means for Australia’s horticulture growers, is that one of Australia’s foremost research institutions is working hand-in-hand with Abundant Seeds staff to breed plants specifically for Australian conditions.

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